*All numbers and savings are estimates. actual savings and system size will vary depending upon homeowners individual situation.

Consult your Tax accountant for details on the ability to obtain Tax Credit.


Paying outright for your system saves the typical homeowner approximately %50 more than the Lease/PPA programs available.

As a total return, Buying saves more money after the initial payback period however a Lease/PPA saves you as early as day one since there is no down payment or out of pocket costs.

Average breakeven lease over buy is 6 years, the buy option is the program with more lifetime savings. All options save more than standard utility rates and create a Hedge against future rate increases.

Bottom Line;

if you plan on being in the home more than 5 years, CASH option may be the best program for you. if less than 5 years, the Lease may be the better option for you if you are not concerened about the added value to your home when you sell  

Lease/PPA: Non Ownership*

initial down Payment              $ 0

Tax Credit                                    $ 0

Lease Payment 1st year          $200

Annual increase on payment  2.9 %

Total of payments 20 yr.         $62,000

Additional Home Value           $ 0

Electric bill before solar          $350

Electric bill after solar             $ 50

Lease Payment                          $200

Electric savings combined      $ 50

Warranty Typically 20 years on everything, Labor and Parts replacement INCLUDED.

Liability of the Lease/PPA must be Paid off in full or transferred to new homeowner. New homeowner must qualify and agree to transfer. Not necessary on Cash.

Financials on a typical 6.0 kW* Solar installation would look like the following:

Compare the Benefits

Buying vs. leasing

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Buy: You own the system*

Gross Purchase Price                       $30,000

Tax Credit                                            $9,000

Net Cost                                               $21,000

Additional Home Value                   $30,000

Net cost after                                     $+9,000

Payback period after Tax credit    5-6 years

Payback with added home value Immediate

Electric bill before solar      $350

Electric Bill After solar         $50

Monthly Payment                 $ 0

Electric Bill Savings               $300

Warranty Typically 10 years on everything and 25 years total on the Modules. This may vary and a full warranty can usually be purchased to 20-25 years.

Homeowner gets full value of system when home is sold, No lease transfer necessary to new buyer.

If homeowner uses a home loan or refinance to purchase system, the interest on the payments may be deductible* also!

Ask our representative about this program. we are partnered with Ladera Lending.